Scary Stories!

Pencil, Ink, and Sharpie. 2015

A hair witch! Part of a two minute sketch series.

Sharpie. 2015

Typical. A collaboration with @ohboyitsjoooy

Pencil, Ink, and Watercolor. 2015

Help me GoF! You're my only hope!

Ink. 2015

Visual Notes from HoaTF

Ink and Sharpie. 2015

Food Fight!

Ink and Sharpie. 2015

Upgrade Idea. Visualization from a passion project.

Ink. 2015

Portrait of a Friend

Acrylic. 2015

so wow such art

Pencil, Ink, Sharpie. 2015

Personal Geometrics

Ink and Sharpie. 2015

Deep Thinker

Ink. 2015

Plans laid in Stone

Ink. 2015